Top UK Cities to Live

Numerous factors go into determining the ideal places for people to live in the UK. Some of the most important include employment rates and earnings, health and life expectancy, low crime rates, access to quality education, affordable housing, general well-being levels and access to downtime and socializing spots. Although there are many excellent places to settle in the UK, the cities that make it to the top of the list include:


The stunning town features on numerous top ten lists of the top UK cities to live. Excellent schools and an established shopping center are some of the things that make the place to stand out and attract people from all different parts of the universe. For a long time, the destination has been a favorite among commuters because of the thirty-minute train ride to London. The place also offers cheap housing. The vibrant Thames River and open green spaces are part of the scenic gems that make the scenery pleasant. It is also among the leading tech hubs outside London. It boasts of a distinctly commercial feel thanks to the large railway station and shops that dominate the heart of the town.

The city is a fantastic place to live making it on the top places to reside in the UK beating locations such as London. Low commute times to and from work, as well as other places of interest that improve the resident’s quality of life, make the town an attractive place. Studies also show that individuals who reside here spend less money on rent when you compare with other parts of the UK. It leaves people with more money for restaurants, bars, and leisure activities they like. It also prides itself on having the lowest reported crime rates and second best overall health care. Worth noting is that it is a green city with plenty of opportunities.



Many people describe Cambridge as a honey colored hotspot and a boom town for the brainy. The tiny but beautiful town is regularly appearing on the best places to live. It has an excellent tight green belt girth that protects it from sprawling. It offers individuals the best of both worlds being a perfect combination of old world charm and cosmopolitan. It has recently emerged a prime spot for high-tech companies which adds to the appeal of why many people want to work and spend the rest of their lives in the town.



The city known for steeped history is another place that features on the most appealing places to stay in the UK. It welcomes everyone from around the globe to its attractive grounds charming individuals with a thriving culture of drama, music, art, and a quaint English village vibe that gives individuals a reason to wander around its cobbled streets. The town also offers good schools and large green open spaces. As a major university town, it has a lively night life, incredible bookshops, decent libraries, and delightful covered market. Residents can also access all round sports facilities from ice-rinks to gyms.